Configure the webhook

Configurate the webhook in the Tradecloud portal

Configure your webhook in the Tradecloud1 portal

Select Webhook

As a company admin configure the webhook in your company settings on the Tradecloud1 platform:
  • Select My team in the menu below your avatar.
  • Select Settings in the page menu.
  • Select Webhook in the Integration section.
The shipment webhook has a similar configuration section called "Shipments Webhook Integration".
The shipment webhook configuration will be moved into the integration section in the future.

Select events to receive

A default set of events will be enabled. The actual set you want to receive wil be dependent on the capabilities of your integration and ERP system. You can find a list of events here:

Configure method, url and credentials

  • Select GET, POST or PUT as HTTP method.
  • Enter your webhook URL.
    • https is required.
    • use {orderId} or {legacyOrderId} variables in the URL in case of GET method.
  • Enter either Basic authentication username and password or a static Bearer token.
Use {orderId} when you use API version 2 on Use {legacyOrderId} when you use API version 1 on
You can test webhook triggers using Use bogus username and password.