CSV File Connector Requirements
Technical requirements for the .NET connector installed at the customer premises

Buyer account number (supplier only)

If you are a supplier, Tradecloud needs to know the account number of your customer.
Please send the account number to [email protected] and we will configure it in Tradecloud.
Your integration and Tradecloud will use the orderBuyerCode to route to the correct buyer.


There is an acceptance test environment and a live environment.
These environments are isolated by two separate installed connectors with each a CSV root.

Windows Server

The .NET connector needs a (shared) Windows Server where it will be installed as a Windows Service.
  • Processor: X64 architecture, it will use max. 10% of 1 processor core
  • Memory: max. 100 MB
  • Disk: max. 200 MB

.NET framework

The Windows Server should have the .NET framework 4.5 or higher run time installed.


The Windows Server should have outgoing internet access on TCP / IP port 5670.

Program Files

The .NET connector will be installed by default in:
  • C:\Program Files\TradeCloud Connector Test
  • C:\Program Files\TradeCloud Connector Live
It is possible to select another folder during setup.

CSV root

Each .NET connector needs a root folder or network share.
  • the connector will create sub folders in the root folder automatically
  • there are two archive folders for incoming and outgoing files, which are not cleaned automatically
  • a CSV file has approx. size 4 KB per order and 1 KB per order response.

Windows Account

The .NET connector needs a Windows user account
  • with read and write rights on each own installation folder and sub folders
  • with read and write rights on the CVS root folder or share and its sub folders