Exact Globe Connector

.NET connector using Exact Globe Entity Services and SQL at customer premises (buyer side only)

Deprecated connecter on the Tradecloud legacy platform (tradecloud.nl)

Use the A B Software Exact Globe Connector on the Tradecloud1 platform (tradecloud1.com)

Functional requirements

For the purchase order module "orderprestatiedatums" should be enabled.

Technical requirements

Exact Globe Next 409 or higher

Windows Server

a (shared) Windows Server on which the Connector will be installed as a Windows Service

a Windows account which is also a Exact Globe account under which the Connector Windows Service will be running

  • with read and write access to the Exact Globe database

  • with access to the Exact Globe Entity Services

.NET Framework 4.5 installed - this will be detected by the Connector Installer - a .NET installer will be launched which will download and install .NET 4.5

SQL Server

access to the Exact Globe SQL Server

  • sql server security should be set to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

  • sql server user Baco with password JustDoIt! should exist (installed by Exact Entity Services)

Entity Services

access to the Exact Globe Entity Services on TCP/IP port 8010

  • should be installed and running

  • with access to Exact Globe Database (the Windows Server mac address should be added to table BacoAccessServers)

  • WARNING : there are issues with BacoAccessServers when Exact Synergy (standard, not enterprise) is used.


access to the internet (from inside to the outside) on TCP/IP port 5670 (the ZeroMQ protocol is used)

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